Put and Take is a simple but fun, addictive game

Put-n-Take Put and Take Spinning Top Betting Game

Put and Take based on Jewish dreidel

The basic game comes from the traditional Jewish dreidel game, but has been expanded from 4 sides to six and turned into a gambling game.

Put and Take once a popular bar game

Put and Take became popular in Victorian England as a pub game and is still more known in the United Kingdom then here in the United States.

Put and Take played in World War I & II

It is believed that British soldiers would play versions of Put and Take, by making a top out of bullets or bullet casings to occupy their time in the trenches with various games of chance for money, cigarettes or food rations.

Put and Take making a comeback today

Today, Put and Take is having a revival in popularity. Be the first of your friends to introduce them to this classic game - with all the excitement of a high stakes casino game.

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