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Why not sell something fun? Something that sells itself.

Since you already own one of our brass Put-N-Take betting dreidels, then you know what a blast it is to play! And you also know that everyone you introduce the game to asks you "How can I get one of those?" So why not take advantage of that and be able to hand your friend one right then and make yourself a few bucks. That is how easy it is to be a Put-n-Take Reseller - basically you just buy games at a discount and you can mark up the price to whatever you want - hell you can even give them away free as gifts or bonuses or whatever. You can also make it a more serious enterprise and sell them to local stores, clubs, online sellers, etc.

Get a Put-n-Take Betting Game for only $14.50

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Reasons why you should be a reseller:

More Fun Ways to Play Put and Take: